Sorry, but this website is still under construction. I'm hoping to have it done soon.

Hello, and welcome to my personal website! My name's Zack Frank, and my primary skillset revolves around developing. I am currently a student at Neumont University, which is a really neat place that focuses solely on computer science. My university prides itself not only in providing the proper theory for developing, but in giving students the experience they need to be useful in a real developing environment right out of the box. I've worked on and lead numerous project teams in my time here, improving on every skill needed in my chosen occupation.

I've been coding basic websites for the past six or seven years, but only took the leap to stronger programming languages (such as C#, Java, and PHP) about four years ago. I've worked rather heavily with C# and Java in that time, learning how to create applications, web sites, web services, and much more in each. Both my high school, Meridian Technical Charter High School, and my university held a firm focus on teaching programming, which has greatly helped me learn and grow as a developer.

A bit about my personal life, if you care: I was born and raised near Boise, Idaho. I am the oldest of four children. My father works at St. Lukes Hospital, and my mother has worked at Hewlett-Packard since before I was born. I've had an interest in computers since the first time I saw Wolfenstein 3D as a child, which has ultimately lead to me to where I am today. I am currently a single college student, but am very excited about getting into the real world! I'm very thankful for the opportunities I've been given, and I have no intention of squandering even a single one of them!