This is my demo for Datablaze! After holding an interview with them, they asked that I send them some code of mine... Unfortunately none of the projects I had previously worked on matched all of the skills they wanted by itself, so instead I requested their permission to write up a little custom web app for 'em.

Cameron over there was happy to oblige, and he very quickly gave me a miniature database to play with and a nice list of requirements. Here are the requirements he gave me, which were completed on this website:

  • Create a page to show customers and the information we store for each one, include a total number of Devices and Users for the customer on each row. Also show a link to display the devices for each customer.
  • Create a Map Page that shows all the customers on the same map. Auto Set the Zoom on page load to be as close as possible, yet still show all points. (Google has a function for this)
  • Create a page that displays a list of devices for the chosen customer. Remember to show which customer was chosen somewhere on the page. Also, rather than showing the model number, join to the model table to show the Model Description. Also, do this for the Make.
  • Create a simple page that will allow the editing of a customer record
  • Create a simple page that will allow the adding of a customer record (may be the same page as 3)
  • Create a Web Service from which a user would be able to obtain the device information for a specified customer. Each public method of this Web Service should accept user credentials (username, password) to validate against the user table.
  • Incorporate LINQ, AJAX, web services and stored procedures as you see fit to illustrate your knowledge of each technology.